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Wealth Management

The Financial Advisory Group, Inc. works closely with clients to protect and manage wealth, while helping them achieve their financial goals. We believe your success begins with our people, whose breadth, depth, and experience is our greatest strength. As a collective group of talented professional advisors, we pride ourselves on being highly-skilled, versatile, and agile.

The Financial Advisory Group, Inc.’s “boutique” size gives us the ability to deliver individualized wealth maximization strategies. We find areas of opportunity, chart new directions, and efficiently make necessary changes. As wealth managers, we monitor and integrate the ever-changing and complex world of investments, financial instruments, estate, gift and income tax rules, risk management, insurance, qualified retirement plans and IRAs with our clients’ short-and long-range financial goals.

Financial & Tax Planning

The Financial Advisory Group, Inc. offers financial planning services delivered through written goal-oriented plans, covering a wide variety of topics, including budgeting, cash flow, income, expenses, retirement savings, college funding, taxes, will and estate planning, investments, qualified pension plans and IRAs, assessment of risk, and various types of insurance. We understand the importance of integration, timing, and how each of these topics interact and affect each other, allowing us to build a solid step-by-step financial foundation for our clients to achieve their personal, business, financial, and retirement goals.
We provide tax compliance, personal and business tax planning, and consulting services, all delivered by our tax preparation team staffed with qualified, licensed and experienced professionals. When requested by our clients, we coordinate with other licensed tax and legal advisors to implement important planning steps.

The Financial Advisory Group, Inc. is not a CPA or law firm.

Investment Management

The Financial Advisory Group, Inc. is a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. We do not take physical possession of your investment securities. Client accounts are established through independent third- party custodial relationships subject to discretionary, limited trading authority. We manage the process, act on your individualized investment policy statement, and measure performance through quarterly reports.

Crafting a successful investment management strategy begins with a clear understanding of your goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. We measure and monitor these variables and assign clients to a specific investment risk category on a 1 to 5 scale, with a 1 representing the lowest level of risk, while a 5 has the highest. Our Investment Management Committee invests each risk category differently, drawing upon their combined 100+ years of investment, financial planning, and business experience. We currently manage over $700 million of clients’ assets.

We invest our client accounts in, no-load mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and other publicly-available alternative investment funds. We also invest in fixed income securities, including individual corporate and municipal bonds, and bond funds. Our typical client has $1 million or more of manageable assets, including qualified pension plans, IRAs, personal and trust accounts.

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